In facing adversity, we can convince ourselves there is no hope. It’s sad that so many give up on life before they ever have the chance to experience life to the fullest—a life God designed for them.Overcoming Trauma Podcast 1

When Beverly speaks, she bares her soul and shares transparently her story of tragedy to victory.  Sometimes we experience things in life out of our control. Beverly and her husband have ministered to our military over the last ten years. Many of these young men and women have deployed overseas to fight the war on terror. No one told them that when they came home, they would be fighting a new battle. A battle that starts in their mind and tears the soul apart. 

Her words: 

“What I saw in their eyes were soul wounds. They had tried to bandage those wounds with alcohol and drugs. Many found themselves in such darkness that they attempted to end their lives. When a person experiences trauma, it can go so deep in the soul, and they need a backhoe to try to dig out of the pain, anger, despair, and self-loathing.”

“As I shared transparently of my soul wound, I saw tears well up in a few of their eyes, some squirming in their seats. One young lady jumped up and left the room. Anything to deflect those emotions rising inside. The battle seems never to end.”

In some cases, what you battle with is the very thing you need to confront and endure. When you give up and surrender, you lose the opportunity to succeed in life. For years I was my own worst critic, consumed with the negative thoughts spoken over me most of my life. It wasn’t until I fully committed my life to God that I could see who he created me to be. 

When you decide to look at your problems face to face, and choose to tackle them head on, you begin to see the opportunities instead of the issues.




Every problem has an opportunity for good. All you need to do is hunt for it.Overcoming Trauma Podcast 2

Success only comes with resilience and for those willing to fight for it.

With experience in topics of grief, PTSD, suicide, and life after loss. Beverly is an expert speaker for a variety of audiences.

  • Retreats
  • Conferences
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Military
  • Events



Overcoming Trauma Podcast SuicideIn the United States, we lose 122 people per day to suicide. To many, it’s just a number until it touches us in some undeniable way. We don’t have to go to war to suffer the aftereffects of trauma. I know what it feels like to be left in the aftermath of another’s decision to end their life. Life isn’t always fair. Many times, we find ourselves in a dimension of pain and loss that is unfathomable. Often this choice is made out of a place of lack of hope and purpose. Many men and women have spiritual lives that are starving to death.

Many times, those hurting need to know they are loved and valued. Beverly shares how she was able to pull herself out of multiple tragedies, perseverance and by pouring into the lives of others. 

Through empowering others, it enabled Beverly to create a legacy to honor her loved ones.  Her desire is for others to know they can make it because she made it.



Overcoming Trauma Podcast 4Outcomes

  • On this podcast and at her events, you will learn:
  • Pain is temporary and not eternal
  • How to deal with disappointment
  • Learn that you can create a new purpose for your life
  • How to take responsibility without shame and guilt
  • Learn that turning from your pain and focusing on others starts you on a journey to healing
  • How to put safety guards in place and help disable a suicide plan


Life After Loss

There are certain axioms in life. One of them is that it goes against the natural order to bury your child. My comfortable, secure life, my innocence, was demolished when my son died. This tragic loss entirely turned my perception of the reality of life inside out.

When her husband chose to end his life, the overwhelming grief and unanswered “whys’ sent her life spinning out of control. The path forward in life was full of darkness and unclear.

Fear and sadness can be overwhelming as you try to pick up the pieces and put life back together.

Overcoming Trauma Podcast 5Have you found yourself struggling with where do I belong now? What is your new purpose in life? How do I find the courage to LIVE my unique purpose and take action? How do I go from we to me? Have you ever seen yourself in such deep grief that you struggle to get out of bed? Too many of us are suffering silently. We don’t know whom we can trust with our most intimate pain. While we long for camaraderie and community, sometimes it isn’t easy to take the first step in learning to live again. You will also learn to set up healthy boundaries, access help, and integrate self-care.

Overcoming Trauma Podcast 6Outcomes

  • DISCOVER Who YOU are. Find their YOUR identity. Understand YOUR new life
  • DIRECTION on what to do, how to do it, and where YOU are going
  • DECIDE to find courage, bravery, community and, become decisive

When you truly understand who God created you to be and make better choices, surround yourself with the kind of people who encourage and help you grow, you will see yourself more perfectly and have a more profound love for yourself. 

And when you do, you will be that light that shines with the kind of confidence that will attract the people, experiences, and opportunities that will strengthen your life—personally, relationally, and professionally.

Beverly was a highly sought-after speaker in the state of Colorado for MADD. Where she earned numerous appreciation awards.

She was the most requested speaker for Fort Carson Army Base for numerous training events.

Ms. Shoemaker is often sought out by Commanders at every echelon to brief Soldiers on driving drunk and suicide.  Her professionalism and ability to connect with her audience has been recognized by the presentation of Commander’s Coins of Excellence or Certificates of Appreciation.  The most rewarding recognition she receives is when a Soldier approaches her after her presentation to give her a hug or to talk about their own personal story.  Beverly’s willingness to share her experiences has been, and continues to be, to help Soldiers and Family Members realize the impact of their choices when they include drugs or alcohol and to connect them with local resources during difficult times.

Based on my observations and experiences, I have all the confidence in her abilities to speak at any public event.  I know she will continue to build connections and impact the lives of the people she interacts with…, 

Anthony J. McCollin

Prevention Branch Chief, Fort Carson Army Substance Abuse Program

“In appreciation for your expertise and knowledge provided to the Blackhawk soldier during the squadron’s safety stand down day.  Your instruction and thoughtful insight was instrumental to the soldiers and leaders of the Blackhawk Squadron to have and appreciate a better awareness of drunk Driving.” 

  • Savannah J Spencer CPT, LG Rear Detachment Squadron Commander


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