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The Resilient Heart is a podcast with a focus on deeply personal journeys, not only my journey but others who have encountered tragedies of their own and how they found their capacity to bounce back and recover. Listen as my guests, and I share the paths that led us to find our resilience and how they found the desire to live a fulfilled life again. Through our healing process, we have been able to bring HOPE and healing to others living without HOPE. Stories of tragedy to triumph!

We had to go through all the chaos- and keep going through it. When we were tired and could no longer do it on our own, we turned to the only one who could bring us through to the other side. A God who helped us find the goodness in our lives again. God is the foundation of everything and the center point in these stories. And so, it is with our own lives. 




What if the tragic circumstances you have endured could end up being the greatest treasure in your life?

You will hear episodes of bravery and resilience from people who overcame difficult circumstances or events and turned their lives around for the better. What is their secret? Is it something we can all learn?

It’s time to shed that light for others who find themselves walking a complex, unfathomable, and dark path and bring the Kingdom of God.

Walk with me as I take you on the many paths of highs, and lows, getting knocked down and battling from simply existing to living a life full of joy and purpose. Strength and courage are not out of reach. The episodes on this podcast will touch you on a deeper, personal level.

You don’t have to give up! In God, you can find that through your challenges, He will mold your heart to become tender and resilient.

As you listen to the episodes on this podcast, you will find the answers, maybe answers that have been eluding you for a long time. We dive deep into the areas of relationships and our spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.



Jeannine Wright-Kuhnell


Jeannine is a Texas Renaissance woman who prefers living on her Texas ranch where men still wear hats and say yes, ma’am. She is also the author of “The Overcomers.” She draws on her counterintelligence experience in both government and defense when crafting her novels.

Her virtual blog at showcases her conservative roots in Texas and her adventurous spirit.

She feels the release of her novel is timely due to the world we now find ourselves living in. She feels that many people have retreated into their “safe places.” Jeannine spent twenty-five years in counterintelligence as a spy catcher.

It is a little bit difficult for her to transfer her life experiences from being a ranch girl doing everything in the natural world and then suddenly everything is in the cyber world. A world you can’t exactly see. Somewhat of a supernatural world. She always thought that if she could tap into God’s intelligence, she would receive wisdom.

She compares the “safe” houses where agents would retreat to get rest and relaxation to where we are today amid a pandemic. 

She feels it is time for people to exit their safe house and live life again. 

Four years ago, on a Sunday afternoon leaving the church, she was in a head-on collision caused by a drunk driver. Law enforcement estimated that he was going over 100mph. 

She spent over a year in rehab learning to walk again. It was devastating. Not only did she have to overcome physical issues, but emotional ones as well.

Enter in as she shares how she chose not to stay in the darkness and, through her resiliency, became an OVERCOMER!

This episode is one story you won’t want to miss!


Heather Thetford


Walking through the aftermath of suicide is complicated. 

Heather and her husband Scott were married for twenty-three years when she woke up one morning to find her husband had taken his life. As heartbreaking as it is to say, it was their young daughter that found him. She did not realize what she saw. She thought daddy was sleeping in his truck. Upon finding her husband, this set in place a whirlwind of events, from where she was trying to protect her daughter by taking her to the neighbors and to calling her four sons to come home before they found out through someone else.

When you as a spouse want to do everything you can for your husband and at the same time deal with the repercussions of not being protected of them and their privacy, it is a very thin line to walk on. She wanted him to have the help he needed to have. Even his closest friends could not see what was going on.

As much as you want to pull someone out of the pit, there is not a lot you can do unless they are ready to climb out.

God has been good and incredibly faithful to Heather and her children. He has given her beauty from the ashes. Today she can say, It’s LIFE, It’s GOD, and it’s goodness after ugliness.

Recently she has started asking God, “what is my Purpose?”

Justina Page


I welcome my guest Justina Page as she shares her story of tragedy to triumph.

Justina and her husband James had a marriage based on having children and a Godly family. She threw her everything into that. Her children were very important to her and were her world. Together they had six boys. They were happily situated working in the church. Her husband’s career afforded her the opportunity to stay home and home-school her children.

One day she remembers looking out her little bay window and thinking, Lord, everything is well for me. Of course, it is easy for me to go to church and praise you. But what if something happens? I wonder if I would still be capable of praising you?

Now, she doesn’t recommend asking God a question like that as you might get your answer in a very real way. Three weeks later, she woke to explosions, complete darkness, and horrific heat.

Justina shares about the horrors of waking to find their home on fire. The loss of one of her twins, and the aftermath and recovery.

She brings a picture of hope and how when the hard times and times of testing come, we can learn to trust the Lord again. She has learned through her journey not to ask why, but instead what now?

She says, if we know the “what,” we can recover. Justina has come to understand the why doesn’t matter to a person who has sold themselves out to Christ.


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