Our Story


The traumatic events that happened do not have to define your future.




is the ability to “bounce back” from life’s challenges

Trauma shows up in our lives for a variety of reasons.  Maybe it’s from your own choices.  Many times it’s the choices others have made leaving a lasting impact in our lives.  In the midst of it all, it is hard to understand and you may find yourself stuck in the world of “why.”

For over ten years I lived in constant fear and was stuck in my loss.  I wasn’t strong enough on my own to handle it.

I knew I wanted to live again, I just didn’t know how.




Fear causes us to be overwhelmed with despair.  Anxiety kicks in and many times we find ourselves in a frozen state of impossibility.  We find ourselves hiding in our “safe house” and unable to connect with the world outside. You may feel as if you are the only one and that no one else can possibly understand what you are overwhelmed with and what you are experiencing. You are wrong.

 It takes courage to step out of that darkness and learn to fully live life again.  It begins with you. You have to make a decision to take that first step. No one can do the hard work for you. I walk you through many scenarios with encouragement, compassion, empathy and love.




What if you could design a new life, a life restored with hope and fulfilled in purpose.

Beverly has never ceased battling for the lives of others.

Committed to the persevering goodness of God and the GREATNESS of our country, she has educated, empowered, and persuaded endless individuals.


She connects with the current era from military bases, both private and public schools, and church settings with a clear message of hope–In each setting Beverly’s message is one of hope. Utilizing her life as an illustration, she addresses issues important to her audience of people and presents solid solutions to life’s issues.


Frequently drawing on her claim of personal experience of depression, sadness, and pain, as well as life’s triumphs, Beverly weaves a message of strength, commitment, and survival that touches and changes those who listen to her.

Beverly weaves a message of boldness, commitment, and survival that touches and changes those who listen to her.Beverly has taken her message of restoration and hope—true hope to countless people across our nation.  In every setting, using her life stories as an example she speaks truth with compassion and gifts the audience with proven solutions to make it through the problems in life.


She is well received both locally and nationally as a public speaker. She is a gifted communicator and talks in an assortment of settings including public schools, military bases, business conventions, and churches. She was a guest on the War and Recovery series on Trinity Broadcast Network. 


She spent ten years volunteering and working for several non profit organizations. Through her vulnerability and transparency she has helped pour into the lives of the broken and wounded in our military and challenge them to confront those wounds, overcome and recreate a new life through their own resiliency. Avoiding that life changing decision they would spiral their loved ones lives into the darkness she herself walked. 

Having faced serious trauma in her own life, Beverly is no stranger to adversity. After losing a husband to suicide and her son in a drunk driving crash, she wanted to give up. She battled depression and discouragement, loneliness and pain, yet she persevered and ultimately found hope. Now she seeks to share that hope with others. She speaks to churches, schools, businesses and military events. As the mother of an Army Special Operations soldier she is also uniquely qualified to speak in military training sessions throughout the country. When she speaks, the audience is engaged, reflective and attentive. Her story is a powerful one of overcoming adversity; furthermore, she provides wisdom in her deliverance and insight to cause the audience to evaluate their own life and those they love. She shows strength and courage in a way that offers hope to those listening. She makes it her mission to help others rediscover their identity and purpose after loss and trauma.

She wants others to see all the life that is still available to live and encourage others to rewrite their story in a way that feels honoring to their grief, but doesn’t leave them in the suffering of loss and heartache. She hopes to empower others to rise up out of grief, loss and heartache, and confidently restore their hope and a new future for themselves. 

Beverly is a published blogger, resilience mentor, and Inspirational speaker. She is certified through ICISF in individual and group crisis intervention. She is certified in ASIST, Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training through LivingWorks.



The human spirit was not meant to be caged in bondage.


I have seen so many hold on to bitterness, hatred, and unforgiveness a long time afterward toward any individual they have seen to be the cause of their suffering and pain. They become prisoners of lost hope.

Frequently they have health issues from failing to discover freedom available to them in forgiveness. They often find themselves in a downward spiral in their brokenness creating a life of dysfunction that passes down through generations. The secret to finding hope and healing is in the ability to forgive. I learned to forgive those that hurt me and so must you.


The result of unforgiveness is much more serious and destructive than hanging onto your pride and refusing to forgive those who have hurt you.


Forgive and Live.




We all must start somewhere…

Not only did I bounce back from my tragedies but I am even stronger than before. I have learned to overcome what life has thrown at me through my tragedies, I am now able to help others just like you to find a hope filled future and finding your way to living life to the fullest. Those who want to succeed may embrace a resilient lifestyle.


Ready to identify, clarify and create the new life God has for you?


To embrace a “resilient lifestyle”, how you—as a survivor of trauma—can reestablish clarity, 

reclaim control of your life and find purpose?