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“You’ll have no disappointment. The 61st chapter of Isaiah is brought to life through Beverly as she brings beauty out of the ashes, optimism out of grief, and turns despairing souls into praising worshipers. Go along on this ride with her.” ~ Stephanie Luck, Colorado Congresswoman

“Through Beverly’s deep and painful story that drives deep into your heart she brings us a picture of hope. In her endless pursuit of love for God she has been given the ability to open her heart to us. “what a friend we have in Jesus comes to life through your words. Ever thankful for your prayers and deep love!” ~ Subscriber

“Only God can produce something good through our pain and grief. Beverly is a radiant example of what only He can do.” ~ Subscriber

“The devil’s plan was to destroy Bev, from the doldrums of horrific loss her faith only increased, enabling her to rise to the mountain tops of restoration, building her up and making her a blessing to others. Those who hear her message about the truly amazing restoration and grace of God, spoken in a rare level of raw honesty and humility will be blessed.” ~ Rusty Brooks USMC, Author

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Having faced serious trauma in her own life, Beverly is no stranger to adversity. After losing a husband to suicide and her son in a drunk driving crash, she wanted to give up. She battled depression and discouragement, loneliness and pain, yet she persevered and ultimately found hope. Now she seeks to share that hope with others. She speaks to churches, schools, businesses and military events. As the mother of an Army Special Operations soldier she is also uniquely qualified to speak in military trainings throughout the country. When she speaks, the audience is engaged, reflective and attentive. Her story is a powerful one of overcoming adversity; furthermore, she provides wisdom in her deliverance and insight to cause the audience to evaluate their own life and those they love. She shows strength and courage in a way that offers hope to those listening. She makes it her mission to help others rediscover their identity and purpose after loss and trauma.

She wants others to see all the life that is still available to live and encourage others to rewrite their story in a way that feels honoring to their grief, but doesn’t leave them in the suffering of loss and heartache. She hopes to empower others to rise up out of grief, loss and heartache, and confidently restore their hope and a new future for themselves.

Beverly is a published blogger, resilience mentor, and Inspirational speaker. She is certified through ICISF in individual and group crisis intervention. She is certified in ASIST, Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training through LivingWorks.

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